On being a healthy and productive postgrad student

Research aside for a bit – let’s talk about our wellness, productivity and health. I’m sure winter has taken it’s toll on you guys as well – flu and colds, etc. It is important to pump those vitamins this time of year. I’ve been taking Bestum (a really good multi-vitamin) and a good old fashioned Vitamin C pill every morning for the past two months. I had a bit of a bad cold for a week, but that was all. Here are some other remedies I’ve found to help ensure your health and productivity:

Feeling tired and overworked? Go for a Vitamin B12 injection or get B12 in pill form. A great supplement for getting your energy back!

Can’t concentrate? Fall asleep reading? Burn some rosemary essence. The Roman scholars wore wreaths of rosemary around their heads. It helps to improve concentration and I find it helps you stay focused for longer. Read more about rosemary at Organic Facts.

Is your hair falling out from stress? Although rosemary is also used in hair products, I find bergamot essence really helps when mixed with your shampoo. If you don’t like the herby smell, follow use with a nice smelling conditioner. Bergamot is also a stress reliever, much like Lavender. Additionally, it is cheaper than products like V-Gro (which also requires you use most of the products – pills and hair care products). It only costs around R 25 and can be purchased at most pharmacy stores and holistic shops.

Trouble sleeping? Worried and can’t relax? Burn some lavender oil or incense to calm you down. Lavender is also good for breathing. There are many uses for lavender oil, such as calming tired feet, pimples, insect bites, etc. Read more

Additionally, it is good to detox at any time by adding salt crystals to your bath or soaking your feet in it. It cleanses your aura (if you believe in that type of stuff) and renews your energy field.

I’ll be honest and admit to being a bit of a skeptic, but I’ve found that most of these remedies and supplements really do work. Give it a try:)