About Me

Nicola Pallitt

I am currenly doing my PhD in Media Studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. I started this blog for research purposes.  I did my MA (at UCT as well) on the use of educational software at a disadvantaged primary school, where access to such resources were both scarce and new. (To view my MA thesis “Children’s discourse and software use in a Western Cape Primary School” click here.) My PhD thesis is on middle-class urban children’s use and contextual meanings of commercial games. I look at differential access to games, how they connect with children’s consumer culture and how boys and girls interpret gender branded culture in relation to games. I enjoy doing research with young people about their digitally mediated play and learning experiences.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Aniqah Says:

    Hey Nicci, good luck with your PhD, my brother is definitely keen to be one of your research subjects.


  2. zelkina Says:

    hey! it’s Violent Vik from Lost Cause! I’d love to play with you online sometime! I like your blog, it’s very educational. I didnt know where the name Ernie Ball came from! If you add me to your friends list on the Xbox, i’m sure we can have a “jam” together sometime soon!

    • nicolapallitt Says:

      Hi:) Thanks for checking out my blog – I really find engaging with players in addition to the academic stuff on games very helpful. We have Wii and PS3 Guitar Hero games, but we don’t have an Xbox unfortunately. Aaaaaw:( My fiance, his mom and three friends are going to do the 84 song setlist in Rock Band today, swapping guitars to get through the setlist for the trophy. I should upload a video of them playing and then ask other players how they like to play these sort of games – real people in the same space, online, etc. How do you play GH? Do you think there are is a different kind of pleasure playing with real people versus playing online? Does the fact that you know or do not know the player(s) influence play and your enjoyment of the game?

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