PhD update and DiGRA conference

Sorry for falling off the blogosphere… been crazy busy. What’s been happening since 2011? Lots and lots! My supervisor and I collaborated on a paper for a special issue of the journal Language & Education – ‘Grand Theft South Africa’: Games, literacy and inequality in consumer childhoods. A pre-publication version of this paper is available on Marion’s blog. Otherwise, I handed a second draft of my PhD thesis in today. The title has changed to “Identities at play: Exploring children’s digital gaming in two settings in Cape Town” and you can view my new abstract here. I also started working full time at the Centre for Open Learning at UCT.

I had a quick browse through the Nordic DiGRA 2012 program which looks absolutely amazing – I would love to attend next year once my thesis monster is in and I have something interesting to present in addition to sight-seeing in Finland. I wish I could have gone to the PhD workshop earlier on in my studies – there are less than 10 Game Studies scholars in SA, so PhD students, you’re sooooo lucky! I hope those of you who are going all have a great time and I wish you a very successful conference:) An added plus is that Finland is home to the best goth rock bands ever! HIM, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica… yes, I have multiple reasons I’d like to go to Nordic DiGRA:)

Nordic DiGRA 2012


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